An elderly woman who worked for the past forty years lost everything she had saved in less than twelve months. Older people are the heart of our society and something needs to be done to stop the many predators. One of the main predators are gambling establishments. These venues continually target seniors to fill their tables and slot machines for their own benefit during the day. Going after seniors who have a fixed income is a travesty of justice.

Older people are educated people and I have the utmost respect for them. Unfortunately, gambling establishments see them as another source of income.

With the opening of all the new gaming establishments, they all became very competitive with each other. They knew they could no longer fill their tables or slot machines during the nine to five hours. They realized that older people are at home during this time period.
These places created various incentives to market them. Gambling establishments were more successful. If you go to most gambling establishments during the nine to five hours, you will now find that at least eighty percent or more of the players are seniors.

The gambling establishments realized that once they took you there, they caught you. They were very creative in their marketing techniques.

They created group packages specifically designed for seniors. They created a day trip program that included transportation, food vouchers, and other coupons. The transportation was designed to fill the gaming establishments during the nine to five hours of the day.

Imagine a senior bus that is scheduled to arrive at the gambling establishment around nine in the morning. When the bus arrives, everyone is told to be back at five o’clock. Please don’t be late, the bus will leave. When they get off the bus, everyone breaks up and plans to UFABET  meet up later at the bus station. After about an hour, half of the people on the bus lost all the money they brought. What are you doing now for the next seven hours? It’s too early for lunch and the entertainment hasn’t started yet. Some take it easy, others go to one of the many ATMs or cash a check. As time passes, they return to the ATM once more. The ATM displays the words on the screen that you reached your cash limit for the day. Would you like to use a credit card? The senior thinks this is cool and convenient. The next thing you know, they’ve lost five hundred dollars. They wonder at the end of the day how did this happen to me?

Everyone returns to the bus and is ready to go. They are all accounted for and the favorite topic is did you win or lose? Nobody wants to admit that they lost five hundred dollars or more, so their friends lost a couple of dollars.

The game creates the situation for people to tell white lies. No one should ever be put in this situation.

Then you have another situation where a person on the bus hits for a thousand dollars. Is this good or bad news? I have found that those who win the first time are more likely to come back earlier for a chance to win again. The other people on the bus think that maybe next time they will be the big winners.

After getting home, they decide that they would like to return. Some will rationalize that they have a lot of money, it’s time to have fun while others just want to have fun. The following week rolls around and the seniors are back on the bus ready to play again, only to repeat the slimy cycle.

Alternative programs are available for seniors. Once you know that you or someone you know has a gambling problem, it is imperative to get help before you lose all your assets and sanity.

Mr. Howard Keith has extensive experience dealing with compulsive gamblers, relatives and fri